We have successfully settled a case for a gentleman whose foot was run over whilst he was out running. The defendant who was pulling into his driveway, simply did not see our client and ran over his foot.

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It became evident at an early stage that there was a problem with the defendant’s insurance position and our checks to determine the availability of insurance for the Defendant were made and revealed that the Defendant was not insured.  We understood that the police were considering charging him for lack of insurance. There was an insurer noted as having insured the vehicle that the Defendant was travelling in and therefore we pursued a claim against that insurer.

The Defendant himself would still not admit liability in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary and we managed to persuade the insurers of the vehicle to deal with the claim in the absence of an admission from their insured.

We were able to obtain private physiotherapy for our client, after which time he noticed a substantial improvement in his symptoms.

Our client received compensation for the personal injury he had suffered together with his losses.  Our costs were paid for by the Defendant’s insurers and we acted for him on a “no win, no fee” basis.  We were able to settle his claim, much to our client’s delight, within 2 months of him receiving physiotherapy.  The claimant has now received his compensation, is feeling a lot better and can now enjoy his life and get back to normal.

Mr Q – Received £6,000 by way of compensation.

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