The Client was driving along a dual carriageway in the outside lane, when the Defendant pulled out of a car park on the left hand side, crossed an empty lane of traffic and drove into a collision the Client’s correctly proceeding vehicle. Both Police and Paramedics attended the scene.

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The Client sustained a whiplash injury to his back, injuries to his right wrist and right knee, and also felt dazed and shaken. The Client sought medical attention at both A&E and his GP and was advised to take anti-inflammatories and pain killers.

Together with the Client’s claim for personal injury, we also claimed for the insurance policy excess applicable to our Client’s fully comprehensive policy, together with car hire charges our Client incurred as a result of the road traffic accident and associated expenses.

Although in our opinion liability rested fully with the Defendant, their insurers disputed liability and subsequently brought a claim against our Client for their losses. Proceedings were brought against our Client, which we defended with the backing of the Client’s insurance company and we pursued a counter claim for our Client’s losses arising from the accident.

The claim went to trial where the judge heard evidence from our Client, the Defendant and witnesses to the road traffic accident. The judge dismissed the Defendant’s claim in full, and found in favour of our Client in full. As a result damages were awarded in full to our Client.

The Client received £ 2,637 in settlement of his claim. 

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