We settled a claim for a Mr C who was involved in a road traffic accident in February 2011. At the time of the motorcycle accident he was proceeding alongside a stationary queue of traffic. The Defendant who was initially stationary in the queue of traffic pulled out and moved to the right into the direct path of Mr C, knocking him off his motorbike. Mr C was thrown off his motorbike and onto the road. The police and paramedics were called and Mr C was taken to hospital.

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Mr C suffered multiple injuries including whiplash and soft tissue injuries to his neck and back. He also suffered abrasions to his left and right knee and back. Mr C was understandably very shaken up by the accident and the whole ordeal.

Luckily Mr C recovered within a short space of time. He claimed for various other losses including travelling expenses, medication costs and motorcycle equipment, namely his helmet and clothing, and he was awarded £4,025 by way of compensation.

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