Specialist lawyers used by What’s My Claim Worth have recently settled a claim for £27,500 for injuries caused by a car accident.

The client recovered damages for the pain he had suffered, private treatment and general out-of-pocket expenses.  Thankfully, his injuries did not prevent him from working.

Our client had been correctly proceeding along a main road before indicating to turn right into a side road, slowly making his manoeuvre whilst the responsible driver negligently pulled out of the same side road into the path of our client.

The responsible driver at the scene provided our client with his email address and continued to correspond with him. However, he soon realised he was getting nowhere and the defendant would not provide his insurance details. He contacted our team at WMCW and once instructed, our specialist lawyers were able to obtain insurance details, whereupon the responsible driver surprisingly denied all knowledge of ever being involved in the accident.

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We were able to produce the emails provided by the driver and their insurers finally conceded that they would have to pay damages for their insured’s negligence. The client underwent physiotherapy on a private basis to help him get firmly back on the road to recovery.

Our client suffered whiplash injuries together with soft tissue injuries to his back.  He also suffered from tinnitus following the accident.  After obtaining reports from an orthopaedic surgeon and an ear, nose and throat surgeon, our client obtained damages of £27,500.

Our team at What’s My Claim Worth know all too well that responsible drivers often deny either being involved in an accident or the severity of it once they have left the accident scene. It can often be difficult without specialist legal representation to obtain even the most basic information such as the driver’s insurance details. If you think you have a claim, give us a call and we can provide you with all the assistance you need on a no-win-no-fee basis.

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