Our client was involved in a road traffic accident in January 2015.  She was proceeding through a set of traffic lights in slow moving traffic when the Defendant, who was driving behind her, accelerated and drove into the rear of her vehicle.

She suffered an injury to her neck and right shoulder, lower back pain and emotional distress.  Her sleep was disturbed for 5 days.  She was shocked and shaken and developed anxiety when driving or travelling as a passenger for one week.  She attended hospital and was diagnosed with soft tissue injuries before undergoing physiotherapy treatment.

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Following the accident our client was unable to walk her dog and employed the services of a dog walker.  She was restricted in undertaking household chores and was unable to do any heavy lifting.

The claim was brought to a successful conclusion within 12 months.  Our specialist panel lawyers were able to recover the sum of £5,000 for our client.

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