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At What’s My Claim Worth, we often receive enquiries from people who have approached other solicitors and have been disappointed by the service they have received.

We have helped a client recover over £4,000 in damages when she was told by her previous legal team that she would not be successful.

Our team of specialist lawyers have recently settled a claim for a client who was involved in a car accident where minimum damage was caused to her vehicle.   The Defendant, in a busy city, changed lanes unexpectedly and collided with the rear driver’s side of her vehicle.

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Our client approached a firm of solicitors who initially agreed to represent her.  Having received correspondence from the responsible party’s insurers, they wrote to our client and told her that they did not think her claim would succeed as the photographs showed little damage to her vehicle.  To add insult to injury, they even told the Defendant’s solicitors that they did not think her claim would win before they shut her case down!

Our client approached What’s My Claim Worth for help as she felt certain that her ongoing injuries had been caused by her accident.  Our team of specialist lawyers listened to her and agreed to run the case and continued to fight her corner to the bitter end.

The responsible party’s insurers continued to deny that our client could have injured herself in the accident.  A psychologist and orthopaedic report was obtained.

Just as court proceedings were about to commence, the insurers for the Defendant finally saw sense and settlement was achieved and our client felt vindicated.

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