Our client was involved in a road traffic accident in which his car was stationary at temporary traffic lights showing red when the Defendant drove into the rear of his vehicle. The Defendant claimed that he too was stationary in the traffic but as he went to pull away from the lights his water bottle rolled out of his bag and went under the brake pedal and this prevented him from braking.

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The Defendant, whilst admitting liability for this accident said that he was only travelling at 10mph and the force of the impact was not sufficient to cause our client an injury. However, a medical report was obtained and the doctor examining our client confirmed a whiplash injury to the neck referring into the right shoulder.

Our client had recovered from his neck injury after 7 months. He was off work for 2 days following the accident and suffered a loss of earnings.

Settlement of this claim was agreed within a period of 6 months with the Defendant’s insurers to the sum of £3,540.55.

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