We settled a claim for a Mr L who was involved in a road traffic accident in November 2011. The Client was a front seat passenger in the Defendant’s vehicle which failed to stop when travelling at speed on a motorway and drove into the rear of another vehicle, resulting in a heavy road traffic collision.

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The Client sustained whiplash injuries to his neck and right shoulder, and an injury to his right wrist. The Client did not seek medical attention, instead opting to self-medicate with ibuprofen and paracetamol to ease the pain. As a result of the road traffic accident the Client also suffered psychological injuries including fear of travel, shock and generally feeling shaken up.

The Client incurred additional losses in the form of travel costs to and from the medical appointment and over the counter medical expenses. We included these additional losses together with the Client’s general damages (personal injury) and submitted the claim to the Defendant’s insurers. Shortly after entering negotiations we received a very reasonable settlement offer. Our Client was happy with this figure and agreed to settle his claim. His costs and disbursements were paid for by the Defendants Insurers as we were acting for him on a “No Win No Fee” basis.

Mr L was awarded £2,220 by way of compensation.

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