Sophie Hamilton

Personal Injury Solicitor

I can support you if you have suffered an injury when you are out and about, be it in a shop, restaurant or public tourist attraction.

My particular specialisms are in helping people who have suffered more serious injuries, technically difficult cases, and cases involving animals and faulty products.

I have over 15 years’ experience supporting clients through their claim and will work hard to ensure I get the best compensation possible for you.

I will treat you as an individual and will take the time to find out about your injury, how it was sustained and any on-going conditions you might have. I will also ensure you fully understand the claims process so you feel comfortable and can make informed decisions as to how best to proceed with your claim. My aim is to get the best level of compensation for you whilst doing my best to ensure you receive appropriate treatment for your injuries; all so you can achieve as full a recovery as possible.

Please get in touch to discuss your injury and see how I can help you.

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Personal Injury

Accidents in Public Places, Head Injuries, Slipping And Tripping Accidents

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