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Can you make a Back Injury Compensation Claim?

Whether you’re handling heavy equipment, driving long distances or sitting at a desk for too long, back injuries can occur in all kinds of industries and are one of the most common work based injuries recorded in the UK.

Back injuries suffered at work not only cause weeks, months, maybe even years, of pain and discomfort, they can also lead to a loss of earnings and long-term debilitation. That’s why employers have a duty of care to protect the health and safety of their workforce and reduce the risk of back injuries in the workplace.

If you have suffered a back injury at work due to your employer’s negligence, then it is highly likely that you can make a claim.

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Common Causes of Work Based Back Injuries

Lifting of heavy or bulky items

One of the most common causes of back injury in the workplace, particularly in more manual industries, is the incorrect lifting of heavy objects.

Constant stress on the vertebrae can cause wear or trauma to the tissues in the back. The lower back in particular is at risk because it is often the furthest distance from the load being lifted or moved, and is therefore under additional pressure.

Employers have a duty to make sure each and every one of their employees knows the correct procedures for lifting and carrying heavy items in the workplace.

Poor posture from sitting at a computer

Many office workers spend hours each day sitting at a computer screen, bad posture is a major cause of back pain in the workplace.

Other contributing factors could be your office chair, the height of your seat or even whether or not your computer screen is too high.

It is important that your employer allows you regular breaks to walk around, even if it’s just for a few minutes every hour or so. They should also provide you with an appropriate chair and ensure your workspace is suitable.

Long distance driving

People who spend many hours behind the wheel, such as bus drivers or HGV drivers, can experience work-related back injuries due to the constant stress on their vertebrae from driving over rough ground.

Regulations are in place to make sure that drivers receive regular breaks, this is typically a 45-minute break every 4.5 hours. Employers also have a duty to make sure your vehicle is suitable for driving over long distances and that the driver’s seat can be adjusted to suit your individual needs.

Case Study of a Work Related Back Injury

We recently represented a client who worked for a well known resort-style retail attraction. Our client was asked to move a carpet shelf to a nearby warehouse, despite it being too large to safely lift by hand.

Even though our client had received the required manual handling training, he suffered a soft tissue injury to his back. The injury caused him to take two days off work. However, the injury persisted for a further eight weeks.

With our client due to travel to Australia, we were able to obtain a medical report and conclude his claim quickly. Despite his former employer initially denying responsibility for the accident, we were able to successfully negotiate an attractive settlement for our client.

Work Related Back Injury Claims

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