When is my employer liable?

Every employer has a legal duty of care to their employees and contractors. The farming industry can be more dangerous than most,  often involving work with vehicles, machinery, and live animals, all of which can cause major injuries if not handled properly. Working in the agriculture industry should involve extensive training, which should be provided by your employer to ensure you can work in a safe and healthy environment.

Farming is a high-risk claims industry

Even though it’s one of our heritage occupations, the sad fact is that agriculture occupations have a high level of injuries, fatalities and occupational illnesses related to them. Even members of the public are sometimes injured due to the farming industry, but the fact is, the farm owner has a duty of care to anyone visiting their premises.

There are plenty of ways working at a farm can cause an injury or illness. The obvious dangers are farm vehicles like tractors and ploughs, farm machinery and exposure to large amounts of dust.

Some less obvious types of farming injuries and illnesses also include::

  • Chemicals and substances exposure
  • Accidents involving silos and slurry stores
  • Damage to hearing from high levels of noise
  • Dangerous livestock

Working on a farm is somewhat of a high-risk job, but with proper safety implementation, the risks should be greatly reduced.

Working in agriculture can sometimes include working with tractors, fork lift trucks, quad bikes, harvesters and other machinery, all of which require training to use. This is especially essential if you are taking an agricultural vehicle on the roads or on uneven off-road land.

Another common agriculture personal injury claim is from illness due to exposure to pesticides, cleaning chemicals and even in some cases, asbestos, due to the old building construction on many farms.

Your employer should be providing you with the necessary equipment and training to keep you safe in these situations, but if you think they have neglected their duty you can get in touch with our friendly and knowledgeable solicitors and find out if you can pursue a personal injury claim.

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