Accidents at Work Resulting in Fractures

A man was working for a roof panel company. At the time of the accident, he was operating machinery which manufactured roof panels. It involved putting wooden blocks underneath packs of panels on the production line in the factory.

However, while he was doing this the machine he was using became jammed. He entered the enclosure to try and free the jam, and when it did become free, the machine started up again which crushed the man’s wrist causing significant injury.

He received hospital treatment and had to undergo three separate operations which involved inserting metal plates into his wrist. The injuries that he suffered meant he could not return to work for 14 months.

Speaking after the hearing, an HSE inspector said: “This was a very serious injury and one that has had a significant impact on the victim. The case demonstrates the importance of ensuring that machinery guards and protective systems remain effective. Employers need to regularly monitor practices and rectify any problems promptly. The HSE will not hesitate to take action where employers fail to ensure that protective measures are in place.”

Are fractures at work common?

Other fractures at work claims have included:

Broken bones and fractures can vary hugely from a fractured wrist to a broken nose and can lead on to other, more serious injuries. For example, a broken back can lead to a spinal cord injury or a fractured skull could cause brain damage.

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Accident at work case study

Our client was awarded £6,000 in compensation.

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