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Have you suffered a manual handling injury at work?

One of the most common causes of accidents at work is manual handling, which includes lifting and carrying, pushing and pulling, or even just working in an awkward position.

Poor manual handling practices can cause all kinds of damage, particularly back injuries. Suffering a back injury at work isn’t just painful, it can also seriously affect your livelihood. As well as not being able to work for a long period of time, you may also have to deal with the added cost of treatment, which could put a real strain on your finances.

That’s why, if you’ve had a manual handling accident at work that wasn’t your fault, it’s important that you make a claim. See what your claim could be worth by using our Claimometer.

Your employer’s responsibility

Every employer has a responsibility to protect their employees from having an accident at work. This includes carrying out a risk assessment to identify whether their job includes any form of manual handling.

Where manual handling is required, your employer should provide you with suitable training on proper handling and lifting techniques. In some cases, they should also look for ways to help reduce manual handling by providing powered assistance, such as forklift trucks, pallet trucks, and hoists.

Even if you have received manual handling training, you may still be able to pursue a successful personal injury claim against your employer if you can prove that the weight you were lifting was too heavy.

As a guide, a ‘safe’ weight might be considered as low as 3 kilograms or as high 25 kilograms, depending on whether you are a man or a woman, and the specific nature of the lifting involved.

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