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Tendon Injuries Suffered At Work

Workplace tendon injuries happen when employees complete repetitive tasks, straining the tendons. Simple things like typing on a keyboard every day can cause tendon injuries like RSI and they can occur in jobs and industries where many think they are perfectly safe from injury. Office workers and factory line workers are particularly susceptible to tendon injuries, even though their jobs require little activity. Other types of workers at risk include:

  • Sewing machinists
  • Typists
  • Packers
  • Assembly line workers

Tendon injuries occur when the same pressure is applied over a long period, most frequently to the wrists and hands, but also in other areas of the body. Tendon injuries can also occur if someone is required to take a certain position of bad posture for a long time. This can happen in industries where workers are required to crouch for example, but also simply when workers are not provided with adequate seating and acquire bad posture.

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What are tendons & how are they injured at work?

Tendons are the thick pieces of sinewy tissue that connect muscle to bone. They are fundamental to our movement and if damaged they can cause a great deal of pain.

Tendons can become damaged or inflamed from repetitive strain, and long term stress and poor posture and go on to cause a range of medical conditions that require a considerable amount of treatment. Injuring your tendons can change your life and make working or even just general everyday tasks very difficult.

Your employer is liable to protect you from any injury or illness whilst at the workplace, that includes preventing damaged tendons or tendonitis. This type of injury can be easily and cheaply avoided by your employer providing you with wrist rests, good posture seating, breaks and proper training, so there is no excuse for these sorts of problems developing.

How to make a claim for a tendon injury or tendonitis

Due to your employer’s duty of care to their employees, a tendon injury or tendonitis usually comes under the umbrella of workplace injuries. All workplaces, including offices, need to carry out risk assessments to predict injuries such as tendon inflammation and your employer also has to legally provide you with any health and safety equipment you reasonably request.

If you feel you employer has been negligent in this duty and you have suffered a tendon injury in the workplace, you can pursue a claim. Try our compensation claims calculator today for an instant valuation on your claim.

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