A doctor bandaging a man's arm

What is an arm injury?

Arm injuries typically include injuries from the shoulder down towards your wrists, hands and fingers and can include amputations.

If you have suffered any injury to your arm, you may be eligible to make a claim for arm injury compensation.

A quick guide to Arm injuries

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Effects of an arm injury

It is not until you have injured your arms that you realise just how important they are to your everyday life.

Often those who injure their arms need to take time off from work, as they are unable to perform their job properly, especially if you work in a manual industry.

Arm injuries don’t just affect your job. Around the house, arm injuries can have a huge impact on your day to day activities. Even simple tasks, like carrying the shopping bags, for instance, become far more complicated problems. In some cases, arm injuries can also affect your personal care and you may need help with washing and dressing.

Those who suffer an arm injury often require long-term care, and in many cases, their long road to recovery may need to include physiotherapy.

Causes of arm injuries

As a fundamental part of the body, arm injuries can occur in all kinds of ways. Common examples include:

Why make a claim for compensation?

If you have suffered an arm injury and believe you are entitled to compensation, then please use our Claimometer or speak to one of our expert arm injury and arm amputation solicitors today.

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