Can I Claim Compensation for Bladder Cancer?

In order to assess your claim for bladder cancer compensation, our specialist workplace cancer lawyers will carry out investigations into the cause of your condition.

What are the Causes of Bladder Cancer?

The two main causes of bladder cancer are believed to be tobacco smoke and other chemicals used within industry, known as aromatic amines.

Chemicals are used in the manufacturing of plastics, rubber, petroleum and dyes in the textile industry. Aromatic amines are also used in the printing, metal and chemical industries and can also be found within leather treatment plants.

The cancer is caused as a result of the carcinogenic chemicals travelling into the bloodstream through the inhalation or ingestion of particles, or as a result of the chemicals coming into contact with the skin.

The kidneys attempt to extract the aromatic amines from the body but this can result in them becoming present within the bladder. Such exposure can result in morphological changes taking place within the bladder which can result in the development of a malignant tumour.

Should I be Worried about Developing Bladder Cancer?

It usually takes between 20 to 30 years from the exposure to aromatic amines and other harmful chemicals for bladder cancer to develop.

If you have been diagnosed with bladder cancer you should consider whether you have ever been exposed to any of the following during the course of your working life:

  • Arsenic
  • 4-Aminobiphenyl
  • Auramine
  • Benzidinem Chlornaphazine
  • Cyclophosphamide
  • Magenta
  • 2-Napththylamine
  • Paint
  • Rubber
  • Tobacco
  • X-ray radiation
  • Diesel fumes
  • 4-Chloro-ortho-toluidine
  • Coal-tar pitch
  • Soot and dyes in the textile industry

The types of workers thought to be at most risk of developing bladder cancer worked in mechanics, the metal, rubber, leather, textile and leather industries. Painters, decorators, hairdressers and barbers are also considered to be at an increased risk.

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What are the Symptoms of Bladder Cancer?

You should always seek medical attention if you feel you have any change in your health resulting in the following symptoms:

  • The need to urinate frequently
  • Noticing traces of blood in your urine
  • A burning or stinging pain when urinating

Due to these symptoms being shared with infections of the kidneys or urinary tract, a diagnosis can sometimes be missed and it is recommended that extra precautions are taken.

If you feel you have been exposed to the chemicals during your employment, you may be entitled to pursue a claim for workplace cancer compensation.

How much Compensation will I Receive?

The level of bladder cancer compensation differs from case to case and can depend on the severity of symptoms, the length of your period of suffering and whether there is a possibility of recovery.

Compensation for the condition itself varies from around £17,000 where there has been almost complete recovery to anything up to £100,000 where the condition has left the sufferer with complete loss of function and control.

If your claim succeeds you would be able to claim compensation for any loss of earnings, care and assistance provided by family members, travelling expenses and any medical or prescription charges.

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Statistics on Bladder Cancer

It has been confirmed that bladder cancers account for 3% of the total number of newly diagnosed cancers and thousands sadly pass away from the condition each year. Over 5,000 people died due to bladder cancer during 2010.

Studies have shown that tobacco smoke inhalation increases the risk of someone developing bladder cancer, making a smoker four times more at risk of developing the condition than a non-smoker.

It has also been shown that 7.1% of all diagnosed bladder cancers in males could have been avoided if it were not for their workplace exposure to various forms of carcinogens.

It is thought that 50% of bladder cancers are caused by smoking.

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