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Hearing loss compensation claims

What’s My Claim Worth has some of the most successful and experienced industrial deafness lawyers in this particular field of personal injury. Our team of expert solicitors will provide quick and personal advice on any hearing loss compensation claim you may have.

Industrial deafness is also referred to as occupational deafness, or noise induced hearing loss. It is a deterioration of a person’s hearing over a prolonged period of time as a result of their working environment.  People can also develop tinnitus as a result of excessive noise in their place of work, which is a ringing or buzzing in the ears.  It is also possible to make a personal injury claim for this condition.

How much compensation for an industrial deafness claim?

The value of a claim is often dependent on the severity of hearing loss, age of the sufferer, and whether they have tinnitus.

One person who was helped by What’s My Claim Worth was a claimant from Rotherham who was diagnosed with deafness and tinnitus in both ears in August 2009. His hearing became damaged while employed as a road worker by Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council during the 1960s and 1970s. He was a HGV and JCB driver when he was exposed to prolonged engine noise. He was also exposed to unsafe levels of noise from jackhammers, drills and vibrator rollers. He received £6,000 in damages after suffering from occupational deafness.

Make a claim for industrial deafness

If you have worked in a noisy environment and have experienced deterioration in your hearing and/or developed tinnitus, you may be entitled to compensation.

Under the Noise at Work Act 1989 employers must ensure they provide their employees with reasonable protection against excessive noise levels. Very often this has not been done allowing people who are affected to claim compensation

There are strict time limits in place to make any personal injury compensation claim, including occupational deafness, so if you or someone you know has developed occupational deafness or any other industrial injury, contact What’s My Claim Worth our industrial deafness solicitors provide quick and personal advice on any industrial deafness claim.

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