Can I Claim Compensation for Nasalpharangeal Cancer?

In order to assess your claim for nasal cancer compensation our specialist workplace cancer lawyers will carry out investigations into the cause of your condition.

Research into the causes of the condition is developing over time although known causes of nasal cancer include wood dust (particularly hardwood dust such as mahogany), glues, solvents used in shoe and furniture production, formaldehyde and nickel and chromium dust.

Some evidence also suggests a connection between diagnosed cases of nasal cancer in women and their work with certain textile fibres within the textile industry.

Should I be Worried about Developing Nasal Cancer?

Nasal cancer is an extremely rare form of cancer with only 400 cases of the condition being diagnosed each year in the UK. The cancer is much more common in men than in women.

Of the 400 people diagnosed with nasal cancer each year, 35% to 50% of sufferers will live with the condition for at least 5 years following their diagnosis. The effect on each individual is dependent upon how advanced their nasal cancer is although generally if the nasal cancer is detected early the outlook is generally good.

In contrast, in diagnosed cases of advanced stage nasal cancers, only 20 to 30% will live for more than 5 years following their diagnosis.

If you have been diagnosed with nasal cancer and have been exposed to hardwood dust such as mahogany, glues, and solvents used in shoe and furniture production, formaldehyde or nickel or chromium dust then you should contact one of our specialist cancer solicitors for free legal advice, without obligation.

What Symptoms will Nasal Cancer Cause?

Sufferers of nasal cancer may find that they suffer from the following symptoms:-

  • Blockages to the nasal passage on one side
  • Nosebleeds
  • Reduced sense of smell
  • Increased flow of mucus from the nasal passage
  • Mucus flowing into the back of the mouth and throat
  • Double vision
  • Pain below the eye
  • Watery eyes
  • Complete or some loss of sight
  • Eye pain
  • Pain and pressure affecting the ear
  • A growth on the nose, mouth or face which fails to resolve

How much Compensation will I Receive for Nasal Cancer?

The level of nasal cancer compensation differs from case to case and really does depend on the severity of symptoms, the length of your period of suffering, your age, the effects of chemotherapy and radiotherapy and whether there is a possibility of the cancer being treated.

Cases can be settled on a provisional damages basis which essentially allows for some compensation to be recovered from a defendant, leaving the door open to claim further damages if the nasal cancer progresses or worsens over time.

If your claim succeeds, you would be able to claim compensation for any loss of earnings, care and assistance provided by family members, travelling expenses and any medical or prescription charges.

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Statistics on Nasal Cancer

Men are twice as likely as likely as women to develop nasal cancer.

Nearly 80% of cases involving nasal cancer affect people aged between 45 and 85.

Nasal cancers account for approximately 3% of all diagnosed tumours affecting the respiratory tract.

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