What is an internal organ injury?

Internal organ injuries typically include injuries located within the confines of the body that affect the normal and healthy functioning of the body. They include many areas and related illnesses. These are:

If you have suffered an internal organ injury, you may be eligible to make a claim for internal organ compensation.

Causes of internal organ injuries

There are many circumstances in which an internal organ injury could occur. These include:

Effects of an internal organ injury

It is not until you receive an internal organ injury that you realise how much they can impact your life.

Often those with internal organ injuries face life changing and potentially life shortening injuries due to the severity of the location and related illnesses. They can experience extreme and debilitating pain from damage to the internal organs and subsequent treatment which could mean time off work is needed or they are no longer able to work as they are unable to perform their job properly. Day to day activities can become complicated and even impossible based on the severity of the injury.

Psychological damage can also result from internal organ injuries. Injuries such as diseases, cancer and loss of a reproductive system can leave you with clinical depression as these could mean a life altering or life limiting outcome.

What you may be able to claim for

  • Pain and suffering
  • Psychological damage
  • Medical expenses
  • Cost of care and assistance provided by a friend or family member
  • Travel expenses
  • Loss of income/loss of anticipated earnings

Depending on the type of accident and where it occurred, it should be reported as soon as possible to the manager or supervisor of the organisation. Witness details should be obtained and all relevant paperwork should be retained. Pictures taken if applicable. Paperwork and receipts in relation to any medical treatment and expenses, including travel expenses, should be retained also.

How much compensation can you claim for an internal organ injury?

The severity of the injury often defines how much your internal organ injury claim may be worth. Compensation is calculated on the severity of the symptoms and any other financial losses as a result of the internal organ injury.

To help you estimate what your internal organ injury may be worth, please refer to the tables below. Figures are a guideline only.

Chest InjuryCompensation Amount
Removal of lung/serious heart damage£88,270 to £131,620
Damage to chest and lungs£27,450 to £48,080
Fractures of ribsUp to £3,460
Lung DiseasesCompensation Amount
Lung cancer£61,410 to £85,340
Disease e.g. emphysema£48,040 to £61,410
Breathing difficulties£27,450 to £48,080
Mesothelioma£61,410 to £110,380
Asbestos related disease£13,230 to £92,820
Severe and permanent asthma£37,760 to £57,620
Mild asthmaUp to £4,520
Reproductive SystemsCompensation Amount
Total loss of reproductive organs – MaleIn excess of £134,900
Infertility from injury or disease – Female£100,760 to £148,540
Digestive SystemCompensation Amount
Damage resulting from a traumatic injury£5,810 to £54,280
Damage resulting from food poisoning£3,460 to £46,040
Kidney InjuryCompensation Amount
Serious or permanent damages to or loss of both kidneys£148,540 to £184,460
Significant risk of UTI’s or other total loss of natural kidney functionUp to £56,100
Loss of one kidney with no damage to the other£26,890 to £39,360
Spleen InjuryCompensation Amount
Loss of spleen£18,240 to £23,050
HerniaCompensation Amount
Continuing pain after repair£13,080 to £21,190
Direct inguinal hernia£6,140 to £7,990
Indirect inguinal hernia£2,980 to £6,330

Do you have an internal organ injury claim?

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