What is Dental Negligence?

None of us look forward to visiting the dentist but unfortunately, it is something we all have to do. Dentists generally do a great job of taking care of our teeth but every now and then, mistakes are made.

Dentist negligence covers injuries from the malpractice and negligence of your dental health professionals. If you have suffered a dental injury in the last three years, you may be eligible to make a claim for dental injury compensation.

Causes of dental negligence

There are many circumstances in which a dental negligence injury could occur. These include:

  • Missed diagnosis incl. Periodontitis (gum disease)
  • False diagnosis
  • Delayed diagnosis
  • Carless dental work incl. negligence leading to the loss or damage of one tooth or multiple teeth
  • Poor hygiene standards
  • Anaesthesia errors

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Effects of dental negligence

It is not until you sustain a dental injury from a trusted health professional that you realise how much it can impact your life.

Often those with dental negligence injuries experience extreme pain from damage to the mouth and teeth. This could mean time off work is needed as they are unable to perform their job properly and even day to day activities can become complicated due to restricted movement.

Psychological damage can also result from dental negligence as the patient may experience flashbacks of a traumatic experience and anxiety to visit the dentist again, which could cause further dental damage if future problems go untreated. If teeth have been broken, this could also cause anxiety and a lack of confidence due to how you feel other people view the appearance of the teeth. Isolation could also arise due to how you may feel the need to reduce communication to avoid opening your mouth. 

What you may be able to claim for

  • Pain and suffering
  • Psychological damage
  • Medical expenses
  • Travel expenses
  • Loss of income/loss of anticipated earnings

Here at What’s My Claim Worth we advise you to take a picture of your injury as soon as possible. If a wound was received continue to document/picture as it develops and matures into a scar. Depending on the type of accident and where it occurred, it should be reported as soon as possible to the manager or supervisor of the organisation. Witness details should be obtained and all relevant paperwork should be retained. Paperwork and receipts in relation to any medical treatment and expenses, including travel expenses, should be retained also.

How much compensation can you claim for a dental negligence injury?

The severity of the injury often defines how much you dental negligence injury claim may be worth. Compensation is calculated on the severity of the symptoms and any other financial losses as a result of the dental injury.

Dental negligence case studies

Find out how we helped our client claim £2,500 in compensation after a head injury due to dental negligence.

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Do you have a dental negligence injury claim?

If you have suffered from a dental injury from the negligence or malpractice of a dental health professional and believe that you are entitled to compensation, the please use our Dental Negligence Calculator or speak to one of our specialist dental negligence solicitors who will be able to help you. We benefit from in-house medical knowledge in order to give you a high-quality service.

We have helped numerous people make dental negligence claims and we would love to help you claim the compensation you are entitled to.

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Dental Negligence Case Study

We helped our client claim £2,500 after suffering a serious bump to the head while undergoing planned surgery to have two teeth removed.



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