Have you been the victim of dental negligence?

None of us look forward to visiting the dentist but unfortunately, it’s something that we all have to do. Dentists generally do a great job of taking care of our teeth, every now and then mistakes are made.

Dental malpractice can come in different forms, whether it’s damaging a tooth during a routine check-up, or being misdiagnosed about a serious dental problem. Whatever your experience, if you feel that you are the victim of dental negligence, our specialist team of dental negligence solicitors are here to help you make a claim and get the compensation you deserve.

Do you have a potential dental negligence claim?

Our specialist team of solicitors are experts in dealing with all kinds of medical negligence, including dental negligence claims. We even have a qualified in-house doctor who can get to grips with your claim and locate any areas of negligent care quickly and efficiently.

At What’s My Claim Worth, we have dealt with a wide range of dental negligence claims, including:

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How much for a dental negligence compensation claim?

The amount of compensation you will be able to claim will depend on the facts of your case. Many factors will be taken into account including whether you have suffered a long-term injury, whether you need any extra care or special treatment, and also the seriousness of the error.

Dental negligence case studies from What’s My Claim Worth:

How to Make a dental negligence claim

If you feel that you have been negligently treated by your dentist and wish to take action, perhaps you have an NHS dental complaint to make or aren’t sure on your position to make a claim. Our team of specialist solicitors will be happy to help. We benefit from in-house medical knowledge which enables us to fully understand your case in order to give you a high-quality service.

Get an instant estimate of how much your claim could be worth using our Dental Negligence Claimometer or call our specialist clinical negligence solicitors who will be happy to advise you on the facts of your own case.

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Dental Negligence Case Study

We helped our client claim £2,500 after suffering a serious bump to the head while undergoing planned surgery to have two teeth removed.



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