Have you been the victim of pharmaceutical negligence?

None of us enjoy visiting our local GP. However, if we’re feeling unwell, whether it be an ear infection, flu, common cough or cold, we will force ourselves to go so that we can have the peace of mind that our illness will soon be treated.

By and large, GPs and Pharmacists do a great job of treating our illnesses. However, mistakes do happen, and doubts have been expressed as to whether patients can rely on their Pharmacists to supply them with the correct medication.

Do you have a potential pharmaceutical error claim?

Errors on behalf of pharmacists appear to be on the rise and they can have potentially devastating effects leading to serious injury or, in extreme cases, even death. Pharmaceutical errors occur when a patient is:

  • Given the wrong medication or incorrect dosage of the medicine by their Pharmacist in comparison to what was prescribed by their doctor.
  • Sold the incorrect medication for their illness, such as being sold ear drops for an eye problem or vice versa.

Some patients may not realise that they have been given the wrong medicine or the incorrect dosage by their pharmacist. These errors do not always lead to the patient suffering from pain or illness, although patients that do suffer from injury or illness as a result of taking the wrong drug or the incorrect dosage of the drug may be able to make a claim for clinical negligence.

Making a pharmaceutical error claim

If you feel that you have suffered from any form of pharmaceutical or clinical negligence, our team of specialist solicitors will be happy to help. We benefit from in-house medical knowledge, which enables us to fully understand your case in order to give you a high-quality service.

Please note that there are strict time limits in place for making a claim for compensation, but our specialist clinical negligence solicitors will be able to advise you based on the facts of your claim so if you have suffered as a result of being given the wrong medicine then you may be able to start a compensation claim.

Get an instant estimate of how much your claim could be worth using our Medical Negligence Claimometer, or call our specialist clinical negligence solicitors who will be happy to advise you on the facts of your own case.

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