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A quick guide to neck injuries

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Have you suffered a neck injury at work?

Neck injuries are unfortunately a common workplace injury. Your employer has a duty of care to protect employees. If they fail in that duty and you suffer from a neck injury you may be able to claim compensation for personal injury and any financial losses that you have incurred.

Causes of neck injuries in the workplace

Neck injuries in the workplace can be caused in many ways. The most common causes of neck injuries include:

  • Slips, trips and falls – Slips, trips and falls as a result of loose carpeting, wet floors or unsuitable footwear account for 40% of serious injuries in the workplace, including neck injuries. However these are one of the easiest accidents to avoid, and employers should always be aware of any potential slip or trip hazards and under a duty to provide you with a safe place of work.
  • Poor manual handling – It’s important for your employer to make sure that the way you are working is safe and that you are fully trained to do the job. For example, if you injure your neck whilst lifting something at work and you did not receive proper manual handling training, you may be entitled to claim compensation.
  • Falling objects – Neck injuries can sometimes be caused by being hit by falling objects at work.

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Neck injury at work case study

At What’s My Claim Worth we recently settled a claim for a client who injured his neck when he slipped and fell in his work car park.

Our client was an agency worker in the warehouse of a delivery company.  He had parked his car and was walking towards his employer’s premises when he slipped on some ice and fell.

The employers had not made any effort to protect their employees walking across the car park by clearing the ice or gritting the car park. As a result of falling, our client sustained a soft tissue injury to his neck, which caused him to take a  short time off work.

We pursued a claim for compensation our client’s behalf on a ‘no win, no fee’ basis.  The Defendants initially tried to fight the claim but eventually, we were able to get an admission of liability and successfully negotiate a settlement of £2,250 for our client.

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