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Public Liability Claims

What’s My Claim Worth has extensive experience dealing with accidents that have occurred in public places. We have a specialist team who will fight for the public liability compensation you deserve. Our team understands it may be a difficult and daunting time for you and they’ll do their best to offer a sympathetic ear along with unparalleled legal expertise. If you have suffered a personal injury that was not your fault, you may be entitled to make a public liability claim.

Thousands of people every year experience accidents in public places. The Council, Local Authority or building owner has a legal responsibility to prevent the risk of accidents happening in public places. If that duty is breached, you should contact public liability solicitors who can help you secure compensation.

Accidents in Public Places

Accidents you might have in a public place commonly include:

  • Slips in a supermarket/shop
  • An accident in a restaurant caused by poor state of repair
  • Tripping over a hole in the road
  • Injuring yourself due to a piece of faulty gym equipment
  • Falling objects: where products or other materials are not safely or correctly placed
  • Defective trolleys that have resulted in cuts or back injuries.

How much is a Public Liability Claim worth?

The amount of damages awarded in a public liability claim can vary, and is largely affected by the severity of the injury and how the injury was caused.

Public Liability Claim Case Studies by What’s My Claim Worth:

How to make a Public Liability Claim

If an injury has affected you in any way then you should not hesitate to contact us today at What’s My Claim Worth. You can even try our Claimometer to see how much your public liability claim could be worth. We understand that the injuries you have suffered can have severe consequences on your day to day life, this is why we can help secure the compensation payments you’re entitled to.

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