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At What’s My Claim Worth we love our cyclists

Quite apart from being great clients, cyclists passion for their hobby is boundless and is a joy to hear. As a result of their enthusiasm for cycling, they are hit hard when they are a victim of an accident and this we understand.

We appreciate that our clients’ bikes are often bespoke and have been slowly modified over a period of years to their rider’s unique specifications. When they are damaged, we can arrange for expert engineers to prepare detailed reports in relation to the damage so that you can take the bike to be repaired at a repairer of your choice.

We offer professional, speedy and practical assistance to cyclists to allow them to achieve their goal of returning to their hobby as soon as possible (if possible). Our role is to ensure that they be compensated for the injuries, losses and inconveniences they have suffered and to offer rehabilitation at the earliest opportunity if this is needed.

Unfortunately, because the vast majority of cyclists are not insured, they do not have access to legal advice from insurers immediately following an accident. We can provide early advice in relation to who is likely to be found to be at fault or the likely amount of damages a cyclist may receive. Cyclists often believe that the risks of taking a case against the responsible driver are too high. This is not the case and we offer a no win, no fee agreement and ensure that they are protected against the opponents costs in the unlikely event that we have to issue court proceedings. A quick call to our office or email can usually resolve any issues which our new clients may have.

Our dedicated road traffic accident department are specialists in cycling accident claims. We have a wealth of experience and appreciate that every client has different needs.

We are proud of the personal service we provide to our clients. Our aim is to obtain the maximum amount of compensation for you within the shortest period of time with the minimum of inconvenience.

If you have been injured in a cycling accident, that was not your fault, and sustained an injury then please contact us for free advice on making a claim or try our Claimometer on the homepage and we can call you back to discuss your bike accident claim.


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