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Fatal Road Accidents

Any road traffic accident that occurs can be a traumatic experience both physically and emotionally. At What’s My Claim Worth we have experience in helping guide families and loved ones through the experience of pursuing a claim in a sensitive and personal manner. As well as helping you with financial compensation our team can also support you through an inquest which will often occur after a fatal road accident.

If you have had a loved one taken away from you in an accident, you will need advice from a solicitor who specialises in these sorts of claims to ensure that the maximum compensation is recovered on your behalf to help ease any financial burdens.

If you were financially dependent on the deceased and you fall into one of the following categories we can help you:

  • a spouse or a former spouse
  • a civil partner or former civil partner
  • a cohabitee if you have been living as man and wife for over two years
  • a parent or descendant of the deceased
  • a child or other descendant, or a child who may not be a blood relative but who was treated as a child of the family in relation to that marriage
  • a person who is a brother, sister, uncle or aunt of the deceased

If you are the spouse or civil partner of the deceased, or the parent of a child under 18 who sadly passed away, you may be entitled to bereavement damages in the fixed sum of £12,980 (as at 2013). A civil claim can, in addition, be brought for the pain and suffering suffered by the deceased leading up to their death.

Finally, if you witnessed the accident, in some circumstances, you can also make a separate claim in certain situations.

Fatal Road Accident Case Studies:

How to Make a Claim for a Fatal Road Accident

If you need help in pursuing a fatal road accident claim and would like to know how much a compensation claim could be worth, or for more information about the claims process, contact the What’s My Claim Worth team.

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