Road traffic accident case study

At What’s My Claim Worth we have experience of dealing with all kinds of road traffic accident claims. One recent example involved a client who had an accident whilst driving on a dual carriageway.

Our client was driving in the outside lane when a car pulled out of a car park, crossed an empty lane of traffic, and drove straight into his vehicle. As a result of the crash, our client sustained a whiplash injury to his back, injuries to his right wrist and right knee and he felt dazed and shaken.

A medical examination revealed that although the injuries to our client’s knee and wrist would heal within a week, the whiplash injury would take up to ten months to be fully resolved. This meant our client was unable to perform even the simplest of everyday tasks, such as looking after his children. It also had an impact on his social life, as he was unable to take part in hobbies such as cycling.

The defendant’s insurers initially disputed liability and brought a claim against our client for their losses. Eventually, an offer was made by the defendant’s solicitors to settle the claim on a 50/50 liability basis, which we rejected. A further offer was made on a 75/25 liability basis in our favour, which, based on our expertise, we again rejected.

The claim went to trial at Chester County Court, where a judge, on hearing all the evidence, dismissed the defendant’s claim and found in favour of our client in full. As a result, our client received £2,637 in compensation. His costs and disbursements were also paid for by the defendant’s insurers, as we were acting on a No Win, No Fee basis.

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