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Involved In A Road Traffic Accident?

Like this? Download our What to do if you’re involved in a Road Traffic Accident Checklist

Do you know what to do if you are involved in an RTA? Here is our advice.

Take the details of the driver at fault for the collision to include:

  • Driver’s name
  • Address
  • Telephone number
  • Insurance details
  • Vehicle registration
  • Car model

Take photographs of the accident scene and vehicle damage to use in evidence for your road traffic accident claim to include photographs of:

  • The accident scene
  • The damage caused
  • Any skid marks on the road
  • Obtain the names and contact details of any witnesses
  • Attend hospital or your GP to have your injuries treated
    • Whiplash may go unnoticed due to shock initially.  Attend hospital A&E department or your GP once any pain or discomfort is felt
  • Notify your UK motor insurance company of your road traffic accident
    • Check with them if your policy will pay your legal costs.
  • Keep a diary of all your physical and psychological symptoms
    • Psychological symptoms can include:
      • Shock
      • Sleepless nights
      • Fear of driving
    • Keep a record of all receipts and expenses to include:
      • Repair costs to your vehicle
      • Towing expenses
      • Storage expenses
      • Wage slips
      • Prescription expenses
      • Travel expenses to and from hospital

What’s My Claim Worth lawyers specialise in road traffic accident claims. Our specialist team of personal injury solicitors has a wide range of experience in dealing with all types of claims, with claims values from the most straight forward of whiplash injury claims to catastrophic injury claims.

If an injury like this has affected you in any way then you should not hesitate to contact us or to try our Claimometer to see what your claim may be worth.

Like this? Download our What to do if you’re involved in a Road Traffic Accident Checklist

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Can I Claim Compensation?

If you have been injured in an accident during the last 3 years that you believe was caused by someone else, you may be entitled to accident compensation