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What is a shoulder injury?

The shoulder consists of muscles, nerves and bone and an injury to any of these can result in a significant amount of pain that can result in time off work or a lack of mobility that can impair the enjoyment of any hobbies or pastimes.

There are three critical parts of the shoulder, which if injured or broken in an accident could result in a significant compensation claim being made.

What part of my shoulder have I injured?

Have I injured the bones in my shoulder?

The main bone in the shoulder is the scapula more commonly known as the shoulder blade. The shoulder joint itself houses two bones – the humerus (the bone in your upper arm) and the clavicle – more commonly known as the collar bone.

Breaking these bones in the shoulder can have a long lasting impact in terms of the mobility that can be achieved. Whether they have been injured as the result of a slip from a ladder, a falling object or a car accident,  you could be entitled to significant compensation.

Have I injured the brachial plexus in my shoulder?

The brachial plexus is a network of nerves. It conducts signals from the spinal cord to the shoulder,  arm, and hand.

Injuries to this area can often come as the result of a significant trauma to the shoulder or inflammation that can occur even without an obvious injury.

Any injuries to this area will affect the nerves, so pins and needles may be experienced or a loss of feeling in the fingers, arms or loss of movement/power in the arm/hand.

Have I injured the rotator cuff in my shoulder?

The rotator cuff joins the upper arm to the shoulder and is crucial to the stability and mobility of the shoulder. It is made up of muscles, ligaments and tendons and therefore significant injuries to the rotator cuff can be incredibly painful.

What has caused my shoulder injury?

Lifting and loading at work

Injuries to the parts of the shoulder that affect mobility are likely to be caused by the repetitive lifting of heavy loads,  this can be particularly significant if insufficient training has been given about the correct technique for lifting heavy goods.

Manual handling in the workplace invariably puts large amounts of pressure on the different parts of the shoulder. If you have suffered a shoulder injury as a result of heavy lifting at work you could be entitled to significant compensation.

Car accident

Car and other road accidents ultimately result in extreme forces passing through your body and one of the most common injuries as the result of a car accident is whiplash. It is common knowledge that this affects the neck and spine, but it can also affect the shoulders, particularly the muscles and tendons in the rotator cuff.

If you have been involved in a car accident and are experiencing a tingling sensation in the hands and stiffness in the shoulders and neck there is a strong possibility you might have damaged the nerves in your shoulder or neck (cervical spine).

If this is the case get in touch with us now and find out what compensation you are entitled to.

Slips, trips or falls

You may have injured your shoulder as a result of a slip, trip or fall. As is always the case, when falling it is a natural reaction to reach out and protect yourself. However, as your arms hit the ground, the excessive force could result with you taking the full force of your body on your wrists, arms, and shoulder. This could result in serious injury.

Whether you’ve fallen while in a supermarket or had a trip while on holiday, you could be entitled to claim compensation.

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How much Compensation will I receive for a Shoulder Injury?

The severity of the injury caused and how the injury was sustained will affect the damages awarded for your shoulder injury claim.

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How can I claim for shoulder compensation?

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