What's my Claim Worth

What could your claim be worth?

Wondering what your claim is worth? If you are thinking of making a compensation claim, you may be wondering how much money you could get for your specific injury. You can use this page as a guide. Below we have listed compensation amounts for everything from arm injuries to head injuries.

Average claim values

You can use the information below to find out what your claim could be worth. The figures are only a guideline – the compensation you could receive is based on your specific injury and the circumstances that caused it. The figures represent the maximum amounts you could receive for your injury, based on the severity.

The figures exclude special damages such as loss of earnings.

Head Injury

Head injuries can be life-changing. If you have sustained a head injury, you may be able to claim the following compensation amounts:

  • Brain damage: £13,430 – £354,260
  • Damage to hair: £3,460 – £9,660
  • Facial Disfigurement: £3,090 – £85,340
  • Nose fracture: £2,210 – £20,280
  • Dental damage: £1,500 – £33,430
  • Jaw fracture: £5,660 – £39,940
  • Neck injuries: £6,920 – £130,060

Arm Injury

Arm injuries typically include injuries from the shoulder down to your wrists, hands, and fingers. In the worst cases, they may include amputations. If you have injured your arm, you may be able to claim the following amounts of compensation:

  • Arm amputations: Up to £263,060.
  • Forearm: £5,810 – £114,810
  • Elbow: £11,040 – £48,080
  • Wrist: £4,160 – £52,490
  • Hand: £32,210 – £176,660
  • Finger: £4,160 – £16,420
  • Thumb: £30,700 – £48,080

Back Injury

Back injuries can be devastating. Back injuries include sprains, strains, herniated discs and fractured vertebrae. If you have injured your back, you may be able to claim the following amounts of compensation:

  • Shoulder: £6,920 – £42,110
  • Back: £10,970 – £141,150
  • Paralysis: £192,090 – £354,260

Leg Injury

Leg injuries are common and can be caused by a number of different accidents. A leg injury is any injury which occurs between the pelvis and the feet. If you have injured your feet in an accident you may be able to claim the following amounts of compensation:

  • Leg Amputation: £116,620 – £247,280
  • Leg Injury: £12,350 – £119,210
  • Knee: £12,050 – £84,360
  • Ankle: £12,050 – £61,110
  • Foot Amputation: £96,150 – £176,660
  • Foot Injury: £12,050 – £96,150
  • Toe Amputation: £27,450 – £49,180
  • Toe Injury: £8,420 – £18,480

How do we calculate the value of you claim?

We calculate the value of your claim based on your personal circumstances. The figures above are estimated values. Every single case is different – the best way to get an accurate valuation is to call us free on 0800 025 0000 or speak to us via livechat.

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What factors influence what your claim is worth?

We help you to claim two types of compensation: general damages, and special damages. The value of your claim changes dependant on how much of each compensation type you are eligible for. For example, general damages includes compensation for:

  • Pain and suffering
  • Effects on your working/personal life – known as ‘loss of amenity.’
  • Any disadvantage you may have if placed on the labour market as a result of your injury.

The amount of general damages you can claim is therefore based on the level of pain/suffering you experience, and loss of amenity.

Special damages includes compensation for:

  • Loss of earnings
  • Damage to clothing or belongings
  • Vehicle repairs, car hire, storage costs
  • Medical treatment
  • Travel expenses
  • Personal care/assistance
  • Medical aids

The amount of special damages you can claim is based on how much money is spent on the factors above as a result of your injury.

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