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Dealing with medical negligence claims requires an in depth level of understanding both in law and of medicine. Linda Schermer is the head of the clinical negligence team at one of our panel firms, and is a qualified doctor with over 10 years experience in surgery, orthopaedics and accident and emergency medicine before she qualified as a solicitor.

Our panel firms have a wealth of expertise and great success in bringing claims for negligent medical, dental, nursing and midwifery treatment. Linda’s medical knowledge assists our panel greatly in pursuing claims, not just medical claims but also Personal Injury and Accident claims, on behalf of our clients.

She assists our other solicitors regularly with advice on the medical problems encountered by our clients and advises the best type of expert to instruct. Being able to use Linda’s wealth of medical experience, gives us a head start and allows us to include all losses incurred by our clients in their claims, thereby maximising any compensation claimed on behalf of our clients.

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