We recently settled a case for a client who suffered a broken foot after being involved in a road traffic accident with a third party driver.

Our client was knocked off of her motorbike after the defendant drove out of a car park without looking and pulled out directly into her path. Our client sustained nasty injuries as a result of the accident, and required surgery to mend her broken left foot and heel.

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Before the personal injury solicitors at What’s My Claim Worth could get involved in the case, the defendant’s insurers arranged for our client to be examined by a medical expert. She was later offered approximately £15,500 in compensation for her injuries.

However, our client was unsure as to whether this was a fair amount of compensation, so she instructed the experienced solicitors at What’s My Claim Worth to act on her behalf.

Once the defendant’s insurers discovered our involvement, they increased their initial offer to £18,500. However, after obtaining further specialist medical evidence, we were able to calculate our client’s out-of-pocket expenses, and managed to secure her the sum of £25,000 in compensation – a staggering 60% increase on the initial offer she received.

This case highlights the importance of using an experienced solicitor to act on your behalf. We would always urge caution when accepting an initial offer from the defendant’s insurer, as our experience shows us that we can usually obtain a much higher settlement figure.

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