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What is a wrist injury?

Believe it or not, the wrist is one of the most complex parts of the human body. Made up of an extensive range of bones, muscles, ligaments, tendons and blood vessels,  there are a number of important parts that can all be injured. This is what makes wrist injuries such a common and potentially damaging and painful occurrence. That’s why we’ve put this page together at What’s My Claim Worth – we want to help you understand a little more about your wrist injury and take you through the claims process to get you the compensation that you’re entitled to.

How have I injured my wrist?

There are a number of causes for wrist injuries that include:

  • Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) in the wrist – work accidents are a very common cause of wrist injuries and one of the most common causes is Repetitive Strain Injury. RSI injuries in the wrist generally cause pain and weakness in the wrist, forearm, and hand and can be caused by continually repeating manual acts such as typing without ergonomic support or lifting items by hand on a factory line.
  • Slips, trips or falls – naturally, if you take a slip, trip or fall, you instinctively put your hands out in front of you to break your fall. This can cause significant injury to almost any part of the wrist.  If someone is to blame for causing the slip, trip or fall, there is a good chance that you could claim compensation for your wrist injury.
  • Car or motorcycle accidents – whether you’re a driver or a passenger, being involved in a car or motorcycle accident can often lead to significant pain in the wrist with injury being caused to the muscles, nerves tendons, ligaments or bones.

Common wrist injuries

Injured bones in the wrist

The forearm is made up of two bones – the ulna and the radius. These two bones are largely responsible for supporting the muscles that allow for the hand and wrist move. There are also eight small carpal bones in the wrist. It is through this bone structure that the tendons, ligaments, and nerves that control finger and hand movement pass. Therefore damaging these bones can be incredibly painful and can drastically impair flexibility in the wrist and hand. It is generally the result of an impact from a slip, trip or falls that the bones in the wrist can become injured.

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Injured ligaments in the wrist

The ligaments in the wrist are incredibly important for stability. There are many ligaments in the wrist, including collateral ligaments running to the radius and ulna. Damaging these ligaments could result in what feels like a sprained wrist, where any movement is painful.

Injured tendons in the wrist

The two main types of tendons in the wrist are known as flexor tendons and extensor tendons, they allow you to bend and straighten your wrist. An injury to the tendons in the wrist can greatly restrict this movement and simple actions like lifting objects or turning a door handle can become very painful.

Injured nerves in the wrist

There are three median nerves in the wrist – the radial nerve, the ulna nerve, and the medial nerve. An injury to the nerves in the wrist can occur as the result of a significant impact and symptoms include feelings of pins and needles in the fingers and occasionally even a burning sensation or loss of sensation and inability to move your fingers.

Wrist injury case studies

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