Do You Know How to Pass Bikes Safely? – Road Safety Week

Published on 22nd November 2018

This week is Brake’s ‘Road Safety Week’ – the theme this year is ‘Bike Smart.’ This week Brake are encouraging the public to take action to protect cyclists and motorcyclists, some of the most vulnerable road users in the UK. Sadly, many ... Read Article

Be Bike Smart – Road Safety Week

Published on 20th November 2018

At What’s My Claim Worth, we have seen many of the horrific injuries that bike users can experience in a crash. Sadly, as some of the UK’s most vulnerable road users, bike riders make up more than a third of the people ... Read Article

The Definitive Guide to Keeping Your Child Safe in The Car:

Published on 7th September 2017

As we enter September and the school year begins, we know that you and your child are likely to be spending a lot more time in the car. Sadly, car crashes are a significant cause of death and injury amongst children. So ... Read Article

Road Traffic Accidents Are Now The Leading Cause of Death For Teenagers Globally

Published on 8th June 2017

Every year across the world, the lives of approximately 1.2 million adolescents (those aged between 10 and 19) are cut short. Of this number, 115,000 deaths are attributed to road traffic accidents. Road traffic accidents are now the biggest global killer of ... Read Article

4 Inspirational British Paralympic Athletes Who Overcame Road Accidents

Published on 12th September 2016

Thousands of road traffic accidents occur every year, during which hundreds of people are killed or seriously injured. Those who survive can often be left with debilitating injuries. The Paralympics are a beacon of hope, showing that recovery is possible and that serious ... Read Article

120 Years Ago: The UK’s first fatal car accident

Published on 17th August 2016

Today is the 120th anniversary of the UK’s first fatal car accident. What Happened? 120 years ago today on August 17th 1896 44-year-old Bridget Driscoll was crossing the Dolphin Terrace in Crystal Palace, London. She was walking with her 16-year-old daughter and ... Read Article

A History of Olympic Injuries

Published on 16th August 2016

This article discusses some of the worst Olympic injuries that have happened through the history of the Olympic Games. Rome Olympics, 1960 Athlete: Knud Jensen Country: Denmark Event: 110km Cycling Time Trial Incident: Multiple, fatal, injuries. Injury: Fractured skull, heatstroke, death. What ... Read Article

George Osborne Attacks Innocent Victims (Again!)

Published on 14th January 2016

Chancellor George Osborne in his Autumn Statement in November has pledged radical changes to the way in which personal injury claims shall be run going forward. We at What’s My Claim Worth believe that the pledges made by Mr Osborne will harm ... Read Article