Reverse indemnity clauses – Can your home insurance help you make a claim?

Published on 6th June 2011

If you wish to make a personal injury claim one of the first issues you and your solicitor will have to consider is whether or not the third party who caused your injuries has the resources to meet your claim if it ... Read Article

Retained products of conception following a caesarean section

Published on 6th June 2011

What are Retained Products of Conception? Retained Products of Conception may refer to parts of the placenta which are not delivered following birth. Retained products of conception can make you very ill and can be very dangerous. It is likely that you ... Read Article

Injuries resulting from potholes

Published on 6th June 2011

What would happen if you should trip and fall, sustaining personal injuries as a result of a pothole?  Typical injuries might include bruising, swelling and soft tissue injuries to the back, ankles, knees and wrists together with fractures. This winter’s bad weather ... Read Article

Scaphoid fractures

Published on 16th May 2011

What is the scaphoid bone? The scaphoid bone is a small bone which is found in the wrist. It is important for wrist function and movement and if injured, can lead to significant and permanent damage, especially if not treated correctly and ... Read Article