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Injuries caused by falling objects occur frequently and usually are the result of an item not being properly and safely stored. Falling objects often lead to head injuries, but they can also cause foot injuries and broken bones or fractures. Injuries caused at work by falling objects can be easily avoided with proper health and safety implementation, sadly this is sometimes ignored and can lead to debilitating injuries. However, you can often make a claim if the injury was not your fault.

Know the risks: falling objects

Injuries can occur due to falling objects in many different circumstances, but they most commonly occur when someone is at work. Usually, they are the result of simple health and safety advice being disregarded, but sometimes they can be due to poorly maintained storage or machinery. Here are some common instances where falling object injuries happen:

  • When roofing and windows are not maintained and come loose
  • When machines are not maintained and parts come loose
  • When pallets, stock, and other items are not properly placed on overhead shelving or tall storage facilities
  • When pallets or items are not properly grasped by machinery such as forklift trucks
  • When safety netting is not placed below scaffolding and overhead construction sites to avoid the risk of falling building equipment

There are many careers that present a risk where you are more likely to experience a falling object injury, such as building and construction workers, agricultural workers, warehouse operatives and stage managers, but almost any workplace that has overhead storage facilities or tall shelving presents risks of falling object injuries.

To avoid these incidents it is highly important to implement proper health and safety procedures to protect both employees and visitors to a site.

Your Employer’s Responsibilities

Every workplace has a duty to ensure visitors, employees and contractors enjoy a safe working environment that ensures zero-risk of injury.

There are a number of things your employer should be doing to reduce the risk of falling objects in the workplace these include:

  • Securing palletised items with plastic wrapping
  • Ensuring items are safely stacked
  • Ensuring shelving and storage is not overloaded
  • Ensuring buildings and machines are regularly maintained for loose or aging parts
  • Placing safety netting between overhead construction and workers below

Employers should also avoid placing heavier items on higher shelves wherever possible, reserving this space for lighter items of stock or equipment. Many pieces of equipment will also indicate their maximum load, and this is something which should be strictly adhered to.

What to do if you are injured by a falling object at work

If you’re injured by a falling object it is important to ensure your accident is documented in the premises’ accident book. If you are working away from your employer’s premises’ you should record the accident in both the premises’ accident book and your employer’s accident book. You should also look to seek legal advice as falling objects can cause very serious injuries. If not enough was done to prevent your injury, and it was not your fault then you should get in touch with the experienced team at What’s My Claim Worth. Why not call our number below or try our claimometer and see how much you could claim?

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