Inadequate Training Injury Compensation Claims

Your employer has a legal duty to provide you with all the training you need to perform your job safely without causing danger to yourself or others. This training can include:

  • How to properly operate industrial machinery
  • How to conduct yourself in the work environment
  • How to safely lift heavy objects
  • When to wear safety equipment in the building
  • What to do in the case of a fire or emergency
  • How to properly use safety equipment

There are many different types of training required for different industries; for example, a teacher will need to be trained on how to handle an out of control student and a chef will need to learn how to correctly handle a hot pan.

In most cases you will need to attend a health and safety training course and receive certification to prove you have been trained fully by an expert. However, there may be several different certificates you need to get in order to be fully trained.

Your manager or employer can also provide in-house health and safety training – this must be extremely thorough and a record of your knowledge and training should be kept.

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Occupations At Risk From Inadequate Training Injuries

All jobs require training, but in some careers you will need to work with potentially dangerous equipment so it is imperative you are trained fully in health and safety. Here are some examples:

  • Kitchen chefs and porters
  • Warehouse and factory workers
  • Fast food workers
  • Electricians and builders
  • Shipping and dock workers

Workers in these industries need to be especially vigilant in spotting dangers and possible risks of personal injury. They need to be provided with adequate training by their employers so as the minimise the risk of accidents and personal injury.

Your employer should do the following:

  • Assess your ability to do your job
  • Provide you with regular training
  • Provide you with training on any new work equipment or systems of work
  • Take reasonable care to ensure that your fellow employees are doing their jobs in the way they were trained to do and using any safety equipment provided
  • Take extra care to protect vulnerable employees such as young people, employees with disabilities or injuries or pregnant employees

Have you been Injured as a Result of Inadequate Training?

If the training that has been given to you or your fellow workers is not good enough you could suffer an accident at work and personal injuries which could range from a minor injury to a serious or even multiple injuries.

If you have sustained a personal injury because of inadequate training then you should consider seeking compensation. What’s My Claim Worth has a team of dedicated and experienced lawyers who are specialists in helping people to claim after an accident at work due to inadequate training.

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