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Many people worry that if they make a personal injury claim they will have to go to court, but in reality only a very small percentage do.

If you have sustained injuries as a result of an accident which was not your fault you should not be put off from  making a claim because of the fear of going to Court. It is in fact in the other parties’ best interest not to go to Court because of the potential high costs involved.

You should be reassured that our specialist solicitors who deal with personal injury cases make every effort to settle claims by negotiating with the other party, without going to Court.

There are 2 situations where there is a possibility of the case going to Court:

  • The  other party does not admit they were responsible for the accident
  • The other party is not willing to pay the compensation that we feel you deserve and our expert solicitors believe that going to Court will mean you will be awarded a greater amount

It is important to mention that even if Court proceedings are commenced, it does not mean you will actually have to go to Court. This is because commencing court proceedings sets the Court process up which involves creating a timetable for certain steps to be taken. As the process takes a few months it is highly likely that the case  will be settled before it gets to Court. The reason for this is that our expert solicitors work hard to negotiate a settlement before it gets to that stage and the other party is often put off by the possible large costs that they could face. If your case was one of the very few that do go to trial you would have to give evidence at Court but you would be supported by your legal team and it is not as daunting as it may seem.

Ultimately it is very important to remember that only very few cases go to trial.